Chongqing Breed Information

The Chinese Chongqing Dog (CQD) also known as Eastern Sichuan Province Hunting Dog is an ancient and rare breed unique to China. They are named after the region they evolved in, Chongqing, China. Though referred to as a scent hound by many because of its amazing hunting ability, the breed seems to have more terrier-like characteristics over all.
Most western breeds result from the artificial cultivation of dogs by enthusiasts. The Chongqing dog on the other hand, is the result of natural reproduction. In the past, because of its geographical location and relative isolation, traffic in and out of this area was inconvenient. This resulted in the development of the Chongqing dog from local breeds only, with little "intervention" from the outside world, thus maintaining the highest purity of lineage. The exact breeds contributing to the development of the Chinese Chongqing Dog, are not known.
The long-term effects of natural selection have eliminated virtually all health problems and genetic weaknesses found in most "man made" breeds today. The Chongqing Dog has a strong and sturdy physique. He is a brave and resourceful character, as well as having a strong ability to adapt. This old photo depicts what the Shar-pei originally looked like. It would appear that there is a high influence of Shar-pei in the Chonqinq Dogs's bloodline to have a similar appearance.
Known for its noble character, loyalty, bravery and ability to protect when called upon, the Chongqing dog was used in the old days mainly by the local prestigious officials and others for specialty care in hospitals, hunting and as status symbols. Since the late 20th century, the Chongqing dog’s numbers have dramatically decreased. It is the dedication of a very few enthusiasts and breeders, such as ourselves, that wish to preserve and promote such a beautiful and naturally developed breed to keep it alive and well.