Caring For Your CQD

Make no mistake this dog will attract a lot of attention! It has a unique appearance with its bold physique, rich, deep red colour, sparse coat, erect ears and spotted tongue there is no other dog out there like it! There is minimal information about the CQD on-line or in books, but we hope to change that soon.

Being a medium sized dog, the CQD is suited to city or country living. Its quiet nature makes him an ideal apartment dweller when properly exercised. About 30 minutes a day should be sufficient.

With such a short coat, grooming needs are minimal. An occasional bath and brushing is all it takes to maintain a healthy look. Some specimens have sparse hair and skin must be kept clean to remain healthy. The hair provides little protection from the elements, making him unsuitable for outdoor living. When going outside in temperatures below freezing, the CQD will require a coat for longer outings.

To properly maintain a Chongqing Dogs health and appearance, it is best to have them on a human grade, natural and homemade pet food diet. We highly recommend feeding Urban Wolf as a raw or cooked diet that is superior to all others and will produce optimal results. Use of inferior or lower grade foods may result in poor hair coverage and skin issues.

To keep teeth healthy and clean, raw or lightly cooked bones can be given. They will keep them busy for hours on end and teeth will stay clean and white, even above the gum line.