Our Dogs

We are proud to introduce the first pair of Chinese Chongqing Dogs to Canada and the second outside of China. They are also the youngest CQDs to be shipped out of their country.
When both dogs came over, they had virtually no hair and looked more like chihuahua sized, hairless Shar-peis than anything else.
  The puppies in the holding facility, waiting to be shipped from Beijing to North America.
The puppies soon after they arrive here at our kennel in Canada.
After being put on a high-end home-made diet supplemented with some holistic kibble, the dogs tripled in size and weight and grew a fantastic, shiny and healthy coat in just a couple of weeks. They made an amazing transformation!
We send regular updates back to Chen in China, so that he may inform the breeders of their progress here. They are quite pleased so far and we hope to do them very proud in the years to come.