Our Kennel


A tour of our property.


The Hotel Our kennel is outfitted with indoor/outdoor runs to keep our boarding guests comfortable. Our dogs enjoy the day outside playing in large fenced, grass yards. Our boarders are excercised here too. Puppies are born and raised in our home and recieve proper care and socializtion before being sent off to their new families.
Our kennels are protected from the elements, heated in the winter with runs roomy enough for two.


You look marvelous! When getting ready for shows, the dogs are fluffed and buffed in our grooming room. It's outfitted with a raised tub and table for easy handling.
Having Fun

To keep them busy between exercise and meal times, the dogs are given huge knuckle bones right from the butcher. Their teeth stay clean and busy with these big bones!

Only The Best For Our Dogs

Our dogs love their meal times!

We love our food!
The food is a delicious home cooked meal made from an organic, balanced, pre-mixed diet developed by www.UrbanWolf.cc

Our dogs maintain an optimum weight and their coats remain healthy and shiny year round, even when rearing puppies. We have no diet related problems and virtually all other health problems are eliminated as well. Puppies grow up healthy and strong with large bones and strengthened immune systems.

CQ Dog

This highly palatable food can also be fed as a substitute for prescription diets and as a recovery food for dogs that have recently had surgery. Because of its digestibility, this food also takes the worry out of whether or not your dog will bloat as a result of eating and exercising because it doesn't swell like dry diets.