Chongqing History

This breed can be can be traced back to at least the time of the Han Dynasty which dates back almost 2000 years ago. For many years, there have been many excavation sites set up in Chongqing and the surrounding area, looking for artifacts in the Han Dynasty tombs.
Pottery Chongqing Dog
Pottery Chongqing Dog
Rural Sichuan
In 1987, a few pottery dogs and burial figurines were found that greatly resemble the image of the CQD, thus proving the love of this breed even back then.
Chongqing Dog
Chongqing dogs originated in the eastern region of Chongqing and Sichuan. This is a mountainous region, and relatively isolated from the outside world. Chongqing dogs are the result of long-term evolution and humans have seldom interfered with the natural reproduction of these dogs. They gradually formed unusual temperaments and personality characteristics unique to the breed. These dogs are very rare and most people outside of this region have never seen nor heard of a Chongqing Dog. Many of the locals are not even aware of their existence.
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