Chongqing History Continued

In historical Chongqing the dogs were owned mainly by prestigious officials, other "well to do" locals or rich farmers and hunters. The dogs have been found in small cities, such as Da Zu, Lin Shui and Guang An, surrounding Chongqing.

There have been a few minor developmental differences in these dogs as they evolved in these different areas. All have been used as security guards and for hunting and recreational purposes. The more outstanding specimens were used as status symbols and were almost ornamental in some of the yards in Chongqing. The more social dogs were used for hunting and some for visiting specialty nursing homes. Since the mid-20th century, Chongqing saw a steady decline in the number of dogs and dog breeding to the original true-type.

At present, the overall number of dogs in Chongqing is small with the number of Chongqing dogs even smaller. It is said that this breed is even more endangered than the panda. In addition to this, there has been less and less breeding stock to work with, often resulting in cross breeding or inbreeding resulting in impure and inferior lines of Chonqing Dogs.
Some CQDs have been spotted in other colours. Though beautiful, it is questionable as to whether the lineage is pure. Chongqings highest quality dogs are now scattered and are in the hands of only a few breeders. They are considered extremely rare and very valuable. These few breeders strive to protect and preserve the quality dogs and keep alive such a special breed.