Chongqing dog's personality characteristics include being noble, brave, fearless and territorial. They are very loyal to their owners and their families but an intruder’s worst nightmare!
Chongqing dogs are very smart, and though it is independent, the CQD eagerly awaits their owners return for some much-deserved love and affection. When left alone they seldom bark. This is a quality your neighbors will appreciate as well as most owners. Chongqing dogs are born bodyguards. They maintain a high degree of vigilance toward strangers. They will accept guests in the house if given the “okay” by their owner, but will not let anyone enter the premises when the owner is not present.
These dogs retain a strong desire to hunt, dating back to earlier times of catching wild boar and rabbits. So when taken into the bush – they will spring into action, ready to chase anything that moves! This means wild and domestic animals. Caution must be taken when taking your CQD out in public. They are very strong for their size and should be kept on leash when near animals they have not been raised with. Early socialization may help to curb this behavior.